Areas of Practice

State legislators routinely change laws that affect companies in Alaska. From taxes to regulations, decisions made in Juneau can lead to losses in revenue, increases in cost of operations and changes in the competitive environment. I will keep you informed about and involved in the government that regulates your company.

When you’re doing business in the wildest place in America,
it pays to know what’s out there.

Natural Resources

I assist clients in the oil and gas, mining, fisheries and
forestry sectors, some of the most strictly regulated and
frequently modified fields in Alaska.

Trade and Economic Development

Virtually no client can avoid the economics of trade relations
and regulation. I have made a serious commitment to
assisting clients in developing trade and commerce in the
Alaskan, national, and world arenas.

Business and Insurance

Assisting clients in negotiating local, state and federal
regulation is paramount to the business and insurance
fields, in which I have developed substantial experience.

State Procurement and Budget Matters

State and federal budgets play an integral role in municipal
and small business development. Knowing the players and
the process is a critical component of clients’ success in the


Alaska’s developing telecommunications network is still in
its infancy. With proper support and development, clients
can grow and prosper in the telecommunications frontier
that is Alaska


I am committed to helping clients in one of the state’s biggest
industries. Replete with new challenges every day, trade
and tourism comprise a significant part of Alaska’s future.

Native Law Issues

As an attorney with substantial experience in Native issues,
I provide insight and advocacy at the state and federal levels.

Transportation and Construction

Virtually nothing touches more of Alaska than transportation
and construction challenges. My experience in this area is
unmatched and I bring all of my resources to bear in
promoting clients’ unique interests.

Health Care

Alaska has some of the highest health care costs in the United States. Intense reform measures increase every year. The firm is thoroughly immersed in this highly regulated, ever-changing industry at every level.

Information Technology

I.T. affects every level of state government in Alaska. We are experts in budgetary procurement and the incorporation of information technology into agency projects.


We have represented manufacturing clients throughout Alaska. Our strategic approach incorporates a deep understanding of how industry can be protected with effective advocacy at both a legislative and a regulatory level.